Black Stringband Music: Recommended Resources

This is an expanded edition of the Google Doc I created in February 2021, as a resource for students and workshop attendees.  Many requested an expanded edition of the document with a more accessible font size.  As the original document was intended to be an introductory list, I wanted to keep it short so that it wouldn't be overwhelming.  On this page, I will include more sources and use a larger, hopefully more legible font size.  If the font is still too small, click the "View" button on your browser toolbar and select "Zoom In" to enlarge the text.

Feel free to share this far and wide.  My only requests are that you 1) use a link to share rather than copying and pasting where possible, and 2) include proper attribution.  Should you use or repeat this information, remember to #CiteWomen.  I do not necessarily endorse all the content of each work included here.  Read these works with a critical mind, and with awareness that implicit bias affects us all.  Continue to seek out more information; though I will update this list with additional entries as I come across them, there's a lot I don't know.  If you feel that there's something I should add, please use the contact form on my website to offer additional suggestions.

Remember that one of the best ways to build an inclusive scene is to offer tangible support to Black artists and community members.  The contemporary Black artists listed herein all have music for sale.

I offer this as a free resource.  If you wish to compensate me for this work, I accept PayPal and Venmo (@jakeblount); or, buy a copy of Spider Tales.